OpenX Ad Server Blank Page During Upgrade

OpenX WebsiteYou do not need to edit the PHP.ini file and restart the Apache service to avoid the blank screen in an OpenX upgrade.

OpenX’s is opensource free ad server which gives you to the power to manage your online advertisements.

A lot of users/admins face a problem when upgrading their server especially if they do not own or run the host.

The blank page error is caused mainly from the PHP restrictions of the server do not allow adequate memory allocation or execution time.

OpenX team recommends fixing the problem by editing the PHP.ini file and restarting Apache which is unrealistic for a lot of people.

The solution is add rules to the install.php to over-ride the PHP restrictions.

Edit the /www/admin/install.php file and add the following code to the top of the code after the <?

[cc lang=”PHP”]

Save the updated file, recover from the last attempt, and this time it should work without the blank screen.

One comment

  1. Thanks for the tip, you’d think they would have it as standard but they don’t.. same as the mod for not requiring 128mb which for shared servers isn’t too practical!
    Anyway, thanks again you saved my bacon 🙂

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