WordPress just got better

So I just found another reason to love wordpress with the iPhone app for wordpress allowing me to post posts while out. This means that I can write posts in a lot of new places and give out a lot more random thoughts.

So I have to admit that it is not as easy to post on the iPhone as a normal keyboard. This means That the posts from the iPhone are more likely to be shorter or I just have to get better at it. Continue reading

Very Smart Screen Shot tool for Windows – Cropper – Release: 1.9.2

I have been using Cropper for years now which is up to Release: 1.9.2. It is the best screen shot tool for Windows. It works on a very simple and small C++ framework. Takes seconds to download and install.

The plus of it is that it can output to the clipboard, JPG, PNG, GIF and a whole heap more.

I highly recommend this tool, which is actually free.

Cropper tool in action