PHP Password Salt and Pepper using sha1 MD5 Hash

battery salt and pepper shakers

Adding salt to passwords has become a very popular topic. In this tutorial we will look at adding more then just a little salt in hope to make the passwords stored in the database a lot more complicated to break.

What we aim to do is change “HelloKitty” into “bd6656780b4fcad95b4326dd6ee46cbcdb4d8a”.
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My Top 10 WordPress Plug-ins

WordPress is a popular blog engine which is becoming more and more a CMS. What makes WordPress a lot more popular than the rivals is the plug-ins created by the community that extends base WordPress to unlimited capabilities. Starting a site with WordPress allows designers and developers skip a lot of the non-core development process and focus on the core functionality of the site. Below is a list of my top 10 plug-in.
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