My Top 10 WordPress Plug-ins

WordPress is a popular blog engine which is becoming more and more a CMS. What makes WordPress a lot more popular than the rivals is the plug-ins created by the community that extends base WordPress to unlimited capabilities. Starting a site with WordPress allows designers and developers skip a lot of the non-core development process and focus on the core functionality of the site. Below is a list of my top 10 plug-in.

10. Thumbnail For Excerpts adds the thumbnail of the first image to the excerpts for blog posts. This is handy for themes that use excerpts for listing the posts. Makes the excerpts pages more visually stimulating.

9. Auto Tags uses Yahoo! term extraction to come up with the Tags for posts. This tool makes it a lot easier. Though sometimes the tags are a bit odd.

8. My Page Order allows you to drag-and-drop the pages into order. I rarely use it and it makes a big difference to WordPress when using it as a CMS.

7. Google XML Sitemaps works in the background to create a XML sitemap which help Google and other search engines to search your site.

6. Ajax Plugin Helper adds AJAX functionally to the plug-in manager page. It is the prefect plugin for managing plug-ins esspecially if you have a lot.

5. Akismet stops SPAM in it place. This is essential for all WordPress blogs.

4. GD Star Rating lets you users rate you posts and pages.

3. Google Analyticator lets you easily ad Google Analytics to your WordPress installation. The best part of Google Analyticator is that it takes a feed from Google Analytics and adds it to your WordPress dashboard allowing you to easily see the stats.

2. SexyBookmarks add super sexy bookmarks to your favourite social media tools. The bookmarks are really flashy and look great.

1. All in One SEO Pack is the best search engine optimisation tool for WordPress. Simple to setup. Annoyingly it seems like it is updated weekly.

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