I am of those people who hates to shop. When I do I like to get in and out of the shops as fast as possible. This normally means I am totally focus on I went in to get that I forget to get the other things that I may need.

For instance on the weekend I brought a new iPhone. I get home and the first thing I realise is that I need a protective case for it.

During shopping at the store the sales attendent tried to sell me Mobile Me and Apple care which I repeatedly said no to. This caused me to have bigger blinkers on as he tried to push harder to sell me these two services instead of something I wanted. Continue reading

WordPress just got better

So I just found another reason to love wordpress with the iPhone app for wordpress allowing me to post posts while out. This means that I can write posts in a lot of new places and give out a lot more random thoughts.

So I have to admit that it is not as easy to post on the iPhone as a normal keyboard. This means That the posts from the iPhone are more likely to be shorter or I just have to get better at it. Continue reading

A website is your number 1 sales person

A website needs to be thought of as a sales person who is always working, takes payments upfront, and costs significantly less (no holidays, no super, and no christmas party). As such your website does need to be treated as apart of the sales team, it should present the image of your company, be up-to-date on your offerings, provide advise, make cross and up sells, and most of all help your customers buy off you.

Biggest benefits

  • Take orders 24×7
  • Receive payments instantly
  • Save on costs
  • A website can provide as much or as little information as a customer wants
  • No time is wasted on tire kickers

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Connecting your plugin to the WordPress Database

Connecting to the WordPress database is very simple. The $wpdb variable connects to the class which controls the access to the database meaning your plugin can easily use the database without having to write a connection script. The $wpdb class also contains routines which will make your life easier. This post details the $wpdb variable and the basic routines it supports. It is intended to help those building a plugin which needs a database and does not describe how to build a plugin.

Audience: WordPress Plugin Developers
Level: Beginner – Intermediate
Assumed Knowledge: You know how to build a WordPress Plugin and how to write queries in MySQL.

In this tutorial we are going to build a simple plugin which when a user visits a page in your WordPress environment their IP, the page visited, and time is stored in the database which the results will be shown in the admin section of WordPress. This plugin is going to be very basic yet you can easily imagine just how much analytics you could possibly do with the data captured.
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