How to Create a CSS Table

Complex CSS TableSometimes you will want to present non tabular information in a table format because you like the look of uniformity. The way to do this is to use divs in almost the same way you would do so for a table. The great thing about using a DIV/CSS table over a regular table is you have much more flexibility in manipulating the layout. For instance you might want every second row to have 3 columns of equal width compared to every other which 4 columns of equal width.

The code in this post will let you build the table pictured below. Taking this the next level will allow you to create the complex CSS tables used in loan results of the MortgageCorp Mortgage Calculator pictured left. I would recommend the CSS table over a regular table unless tabular data is being presented.
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SEO – 5 Ways to Improve Your Google Ranking

Getting to the top of Goggle is an important part of having a website, the development and design of a website will heavily influence your Google placement. Careful planing, well executed design and development will help get you 90% of the way.

Google is by far the king of search engines, the market share is over 70%, Bing has managed to indent this a little. A lot of people use search engines instead of typing in the address directly.
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Challenges to create an ecommerce solution

A new doll in my collection

When designing an ecommerce solution there is many challenges which the developer needs to take into consideration to save time and frustration for both them and the client. Good planning and asking the right questions up-front will help in over coming the challenges. Below is a list of some of the challenges faced in creating an ecommerce solution and some basic questions that should be asked to minimise the challenges.

Ecommerce is focused on workflow compared to website design which is focused on content and layout. When designing an ecommerce solution the most important part is to understand the workflow. This involves working through each of the stages of the process the solution is meant to solve. While there may be existing processes, the online tool should be about refining those processes instead of just creating an online version of the offline solution. The first questions that should be asked are:
Photo by Joel Mark Witt
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Twilight Edge Software – DAA Converter for Mac OS X

It is no secret that I am a Mac Fan, and a limitation with Macs is the fact that some software and file formats are only for Windows. DAA is no exception. So when I was sent a video file in DAA format I was a little upset till I found a DAA Converter for Mac OS X.

DAA Converter is a free utility for converting DAA-format disk images to ISO format so they can be accessed on your Mac.

It runs on Mac OS X 10.3 Panther or later (I tested it on Snow Leopard).

DAA Converter is free software, distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Download DAA Converter

Website Business Case

Having a website enables you to reach an ever expanding local, national and potential global audience. More and more people are turning to the Web to find out information, to help inform decisions and to buy products and services.

Websites can act as your ‘virtual shop window’ to this ever growing audience. It is an easy and convenient way for web users to find out information about what you do before they get in contact.

Effective websites lead to increased sales, enhanced communications, and opportunities for new business relations.
Top 10 reasons to have a website
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