Quick Tip – Google Font Directory

Sick of the 16 Web safe font? Well Google has a solution.

Google Font Directory is a list of additional fonts you can add to your website available for use, for free, and really simply. Check out Toolnames which is using the GFD.

To add a new font you just paste the embed code for the font in between your head tags, before your style-sheet and then you are able to use the additional font in your site while knowing it will work in Safari, FireFox, IE6+ and Chrome, on Windows and Mac (maybe Linux).

For instance I want to use Molengo I paste the below into my head tags

And then am free to use Molengo in my Font-Family calls in CSS.

h1 { font-family: 'Molengo', arial, serif; }

Connecting cPanel to GMail

GMail kicks the cPanel mail apps butt. So I always recommend that clients to use the free Google Apps to manage their email. This is a big bonus for clients as they get to use the simple GMail interface with their own domain.

The big benefits to using GMail is the:

  • 7GB storage per a user,
  • ability to access multiple email accounts from one GMail,
  • easy to configure your iPhone to access it,
  • looks really nice,
  • plays nice with mail clients such as Apple Mail, and
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My Top 10 WordPress Plug-ins

WordPress is a popular blog engine which is becoming more and more a CMS. What makes WordPress a lot more popular than the rivals is the plug-ins created by the community that extends base WordPress to unlimited capabilities. Starting a site with WordPress allows designers and developers skip a lot of the non-core development process and focus on the core functionality of the site. Below is a list of my top 10 plug-in.
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SEO – 5 Ways to Improve Your Google Ranking

Getting to the top of Goggle is an important part of having a website, the development and design of a website will heavily influence your Google placement. Careful planing, well executed design and development will help get you 90% of the way.

Google is by far the king of search engines, the market share is over 70%, Bing has managed to indent this a little. A lot of people use search engines instead of typing in the address directly.
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Toolnames.com.au – Domain Name Generator

I must say my favourite tool I ever built is Toolnames.com – Domain Name Generator and Toolnames.com.au – Domain Name Generator. It is simply the best at finding unique and awesome domains.

Today I found CashInHand.com.au and the other day crappy.com.au. The tool is super easy to use and logical. All of the results are in a single window.

After using this domain generator you will never use another one again.
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Build a website using XHTML and not HTML

XHTML is the engine which drives the content which is displayed on the screen in it’s rawest form. Basically XHTML describes the sections of a screen. For instance <p>some text</p> tells the browser that some text is a new paragraph. XHTML is very simple and follows strict rules which help you update your website in the future.

XHTML is better than HTML as it limits the tags to only describing what the elements of the nage are and not describing how they should look. CSS should be used to describe how things look. There is no font, b, i and center tags which will save a lot of headaches when you want to update your site or move to another media like the iPhone. The font and center tags are very 1990’s and makes it extremely hard to update a site. For instance you might want to change site wide your font Gill Sans, with XHTML this is 3 lines in CSS compared to 1000’s of changes in HTML. You can have an in-depth read of the differences at http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/
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