BrandBucket – Cool Domain Names Clearing House

The other day I saw an ad for BrandBucket. It is a pretty cool site with funky domain names for sale. They also do logos to go a long with the domain names which helps you visualise what the brand could look like.

It is a little pricey for just a domain but think of all the headache it will save you in trying to find a new domain.

The Ultimate Domain Name Generator & are two domain generators Create My made initially for internal use and thought it was so good that the world should have access to them.

Coming up with a new domain name is usually quite difficult. Making it very hard is that most of the good domains have been taken already.

The traditional process:

  • You come up with something catchy, memorable, and preferably short
  • You see if it is available for registration
  • You find it isn’t
  • You try to work out something similar and start all over again

Quickly you are wasting hours.

ToolNames are domain name generators with a difference. They use a thesaurus to find related words to your site so you get a greater choice in choosing a domain prefect for your site. The domain name generators only produces .com and top level domains.

Create My created the solution out of frustration. Since then the results have been amazing.

Create My used the following technologies:

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • WordPress – Domain Name Generator

I must say my favourite tool I ever built is – Domain Name Generator and – Domain Name Generator. It is simply the best at finding unique and awesome domains.

Today I found and the other day The tool is super easy to use and logical. All of the results are in a single window.

After using this domain generator you will never use another one again.
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