Does the iPad = biggest disappointment ever?

So the iPad looks to be the biggest disappointment, ever. I didn’t know what to expect, though with all the hype I was expecting a little more. I was thinking something si-fi where you could do so many cool screen flicking, resizing and all that sort of stuff. Something revolutionary was the expectation. What we got was a larger iPhone without phone.
It is basically an 10″ iPhone. It is meant to be the half way between the iPhone and MacBook but I think it is more towards the iPhone end of the spectrum. Apple is marketing at the crowd who own both a smart-phone (hopefully the iPhone) and a laptop (hopefully a MacBook). Hopefully it will be powerful enough and adequate to haul around all day instead of your laptop.
There doesn’t appear to be multitasking, which is a big annoyance with the iPhone. This would of made it more on the PC side of things.

So it is meant to be a whole new experience in surfing the net. You now have finger control. Wow, not! Still no flash support so the “internet experience” couldn’t be that much greater then the iPhone. The is internet is quite amazing already, especially some of the flash websites out there.

It looks a lot like a clip-board. Though You will look cool with it. This device will make you look insaningly awesome. Just imagine getting around with this device in hand. In coffee shops, client meetings, and uni you will make everyone wonder. The trim around the edge is a bit bulky.

It does have iWorks which is lacking on the iPhone. This makes a bit more PCish, hopefully they will be core Apple apps so you can multitask them.

The name is a a bit on the bad side. For the past 2 months it was rumored it would be the iSlate which sounded pretty cool. Like ancient Greece meets Web 2.0. iPad sounds crap. The worst part is the domain is already taken! Whoops! Lets just hope that Apple was being clever here.

It does come with a solid-state hard-drive so the speeds should be off the radar. The maximum capacity is 64GB with no expansion. You would have to be very silly to get anything less then the 64GB. Even at that size you will fill it up very quickly.
Will I be getting it? That is the question. If you had of asked me yesterday I would of said in a heart-beat. Now it is out and I have seen it, I think I will wait and see. May the iPad 2.0 might be the beast that this should of been, like the artist impression in the screenshot below.

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