A website is your number 1 sales person

A website needs to be thought of as a sales person who is always working, takes payments upfront, and costs significantly less (no holidays, no super, and no christmas party). As such your website does need to be treated as apart of the sales team, it should present the image of your company, be up-to-date on your offerings, provide advise, make cross and up sells, and most of all help your customers buy off you.

Biggest benefits

  • Take orders 24×7
  • Receive payments instantly
  • Save on costs
  • A website can provide as much or as little information as a customer wants
  • No time is wasted on tire kickers

Take orders 24×7

A website can serve your customer any time they want to do business with you. When was the last time one of you sales staff volunteered to work all through the night just in-case a customer called? People operate in a different world today. While shops may close at 5pm, peoples appetite to buy or make purchasing decisions does not stop. A website allows your customers outside of business hours, e.g. those who are having a restless night, find out about your products and services, request quotes and even purchase off you.

Receive Payment Instantly

Nothing is worst then chasing customers for payment. Customers can securely pay for their purchases upfront, reducing your risk, or settle their account for outstanding amounts on your website. This makes it more convenient for your customers and accounts receivable. Our customers regular talk to us able the pain of paying for materials upfront and having customers overdue on their payments. A payment section on your site makes it just that little more easier for customers. For a services business you could even take customers payments on your mobile phone while on site.

Save on costs

A good website is going to cost a lot less then a bad sales person. A good website which is well structured, well laid out and provides the felicities and information your customers want will cost significantly less then the costs just to hire and train a poor performing sales person. A website is a lot easier to manage and maintain as well. (YES! a website is something that you do need to constantly maintain and manage, nothing is worst then a site with outdated information). The amount of time invested into a website will be again significantly less then a sales staff.

Customers can get the information they want

Customers vary greatly, some like to have a lot of information and others like very little. A well setup website allows customers to get a high-level view and drill-down on the information they want. A great component of a website is that you only have to provide the information once and it is served to all your customers. Customers control their experience without a person inferring and make incorrect assumptions on what information and how much information they want.

Information can be broken up into portals appropriate for the audience. For example you might serve three different types of customers. You could break your site up into three distinct sub-sites which provide the customers with the navigation, experience, and information required for them to do business with you.

Tier kickers are not a cost

A website never gets tied up with a tier kicker. When tier kickers talk to a sales person they cost your business in salary and the opportunity cost of miss sales. When a tier kicker visits your website, your website is still able to serve other customers.


If you are looking for a new sales person who will cost less, work longer hours, and provide precise information to your customers then a website is a great starting point.

One comment

  1. Yup, couldn’t agree more. And I’d like to add that you’ve got a great colour scheme on your site, I suffer with colour blindness and many webmasters don’t give us a second thought!

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