Website Business Case

Having a website enables you to reach an ever expanding local, national and potential global audience. More and more people are turning to the Web to find out information, to help inform decisions and to buy products and services.

Websites can act as your ‘virtual shop window’ to this ever growing audience. It is an easy and convenient way for web users to find out information about what you do before they get in contact.

Effective websites lead to increased sales, enhanced communications, and opportunities for new business relations.
Top 10 reasons to have a website

1. Accessible to your target audience 24x7x365.

2. Introduce, promote, sell your product or service to a larger market, potentially outside normal geographic limits.

3. Portray a professional image with your own personalised web address ( and email (

4. Advertise at a fraction of traditional costs, in a flexible transient way, with scope to provide additional information that will support or supersede existing traditional communication channels.

5. Compete with or exceed competitors marketing efforts.

6. Improve communication and customer service via site interactivity via online query/feedback forms. Provide contact details, directions and maps.

7. Answers questions that are frequently asked, thereby free up time and effort to direct to other areas of your business.

8. Updates, offers, news can be published online instantly.

9. Incorporate an eNewsletter campaign within site marketing to regularly drive traffic to your site and encourage customer loyalty.

10. Visual approach to promoting product or service. Photograph can express much that the printed word can’t.

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